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Sistem DAVETSA terdiri daripada empat belas modul bersepadu seperti diterangkan di bawah:

  • Export/Import (EXIM)
    Enables exporters/importers to register for export/import licenses online. This module is linked to the Enforcement and Quarantine modules to allow inspections at entry points and quarantine if necessary.
  • Penguatkuasaan (Enforcement)
    Enables the monitoring and recording of the chronological enforcement cases from the confiscation of live animals or animals-by-product, police report, court order, final report to the disposal of animals and goods.
  • Kuarantin (Quarantine)
    Records the chronological progress and monitors the animals being quarantined, including clinical inspections and in-house quarantine processes.
  • Makmal/Diagnostik/Klinik (Lab/Diagnostic/Clinic)
    Records all laboratory and clinical diagnostic specimens being sent to the laboratory for disease detection. This includes specimen distribution and examination at laboratory level.
  • Unit Epidemiologi (Epidemiology Unit)
    Supports the basic surveillance functions such as data collection, evaluation, interpretation and refinement. Allows the veterinary services to demonstrate whether a particular disease does or does not reside.
  • Farmasi Veterinar (Veterinary Pharmacy)
    A mini inventory system having the functions of recording and managing the veterinary drugs, non-drugs and stationery. It also allows district officers to indent items from the pharmacy online.
  • Latihan (Training)
    Allows the public and government officers to apply online for courses and trainings. Also allows officers and supervisors to comment and evaluate trainees? performance.
  • Pengurusan Projek (Project Management)
    Allows users to manage project budgets in terms of estimating, evaluating and monitoring the projects financially and physically.
  • Bantuan Projek (Project Subsidy)
    Processes and manages the applications of the project subsidies. Also allows the public to apply project subsidies offered by DOVSAI online.
  • Pemantauan Lawatan Terancang Berjadual (LTJ) (LTJ Monitoring)
    Records and monitors activities carried out by the district officers for the Lawatan Terancang Berjadual (LTJ).
  • Tenusu (Dairy)
    Monitors and records dairy production and collection from the farmers.
  • Ladang (Farm)
    Module to monitor the activities carried out at all farms under DOVSAI.
  • Quality Assurance Program (QAP)
    Records and monitors the implementation of the quality control programs on the farms for animal industry in Sabah.
  • Laporan (Reporting)
    Processes data from all the modules to generate all relevant reports from district level up to headquarter level.


Untuk menggunakan sistem DAVETSA, pendaftaran perlu dibuat di laman sesawang DAVETSA iaitu http://www.davetsa.sabah.gov.my. Klik pada tab 'Public Registration (New User)'.

Last updated: 18/01/2020